Deltaschemes new CMS

Deltascheme are Microsoft Gold partners and an established provider of enterprise content management and business process management solutions, for large corporations, government bodies and SMEs.

The Deltascheme website was up for renewal. Formally based on a WordPress content management system, the site was dated and not optimised for mobile devices.

Design Centric were commissioned, a year before, to re-brand the company and establish a contemporary business identity. The continuation of the branding project was to establish a professional responsive online presence. The new Deltascheme website was launched in the summer of 2015 after approximately 3 months development.

The new Deltascheme website is fully content managed using Perch CMS as preferred content management system and built using a responsive grid system. The site has various features for optimised mobile viewing. For example; some images are excluded from mobile devices for a faster browsing experience, navigation automatically changes for optimised touch screen devices, text is maintained at a legible size for smaller devices, etc.

Further work has been commissioned to build upon the growing profile of the company as thought leaders in document and enterprise content management. This work will include the publishing of articles and blog content.

Deltascheme website.

Deltascheme website

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