• Understanding SharePoint Online Hub-Sites

    SharePoint Hub sites are the new method to structure organisational sites under an umbrella site.

  • Are third-party SharePoint ‘Intranet-in-a-box’ solutions still relevant?

    When Office 365 was first released, there was a surge of businesses offering plugin products for SharePoint. They filled the gap that Microsoft (at that time) had not delivered on; a mobile friendly, contemporary interface for the connected world.

  • QRC : serious marketing tool or gimmick?

    Quick Response Codes (QRC) were developed in the automotive industry to track parts. You may well have seen these in use on the back of receipts, on hoardings or on printed collateral and advertising – but what are they?

  • PDF Forms (AcroForms)

    AcroForms are traditional PDF files with dynamic form fields that can operate on PCs, iPads and Androids. Typically, a baseline PDF form is created from an existing legacy form. It is then superimposed with fixed data fields, checkboxes and buttons etc. and JavaScript code, thereby turning it into an interactive electronic PDF form.

  • Responsive websites for SME's

    How are your customers accessing your business website? And more importantly, what does it look like when they do?

  • So what is Augmented Reality all about?

    A definition of augmented reality I quite liked is ‘Augmented Reality is future technology for the now’.

  • Deltaschemes new CMS

    The Deltascheme website was up for renewal. Formally based on a WordPress content management system, the site was dated and becoming cluttered.

  • E-Commerce with Shopify

    Shopify is a fully web-based e-commerce platform that gives you the ability to sell retails (and wholesale*) goods online.

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