About Us

Design Centric is a specialist intranet and extranet consulting company. We utilise the Microsoft technology stack, specifically SharePoint online and other complimentary products. With the extensive suite of tools available from Microsoft and the new SPFx technical architecture, intranets are developed using out-of-the-box functionality with a low code/no code approach.

Design Centric was incorporated in 2004. We are a small team of consultants, coming from both technical and design and communications backgrounds. We started working with SharePoint when it was an on-premise technology only in 2007, now we work almost exclusively in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

Our journey started with website design and soon progressed to the design and build of intranets using SharePoint. Coming from a design and communications background, Design Centric differ from many SharePoint technical implementers, with a greater depth and breadth of understanding for the communication challenges businesses face, and the requirement to reflect an organisation's brand values and visual identity consistently.

We focus exclusively on intranet design and development utilising Microsoft SharePoint online and Microsoft Office 365, out-of-the-box.

Our skills cover:

- Microsoft 365 strategy and training
- Communications strategy and brand integration
- Information architecture
- Permissions management  
- Security and sharing policies
- Governance
- Document management 
- Content classification (taxonomy, classification labels and policies)
- Workflow development (Power Automate)
- Configuration 
- Site provisioning (scripting) 
- Template development 
- Business process automation (forms, workflows and PowerApps)
- Teams integration
- Specialist portal development
- Support
- Training
- Migration

We work directly with IT specialists, operational departments such as internal communications, and owner/managers of SMEs. We also sub-contract to consulting firms where our speciality expands their inhouse capability and resource.

Whilst an intranet is a technical deployment, we work with those who know SharePoint well and those who have little to no knowledge of SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365. We aim to de-mystify SharePoint, making it accessible, understandable, and easy to manage. 

Customers include: government agencies, local government, private companies, NPOs, charities and educational establishments.

As a small business, we are agile, straightforward, and competitive. You won’t experience the operational complexities or additional layers of management employed by larger firms. 

We are professional and experienced. We look to build a long-term relationship with customers, and as such, much of our work is repeat business.

Our unique combination of technical ability and creative acumen sets us apart from many purely technical consulting companies.

An intranet must be technically well designed and configured, but it also needs to be credible and engaging for the entire business, through good design, a clear communications strategy and the combination of tools that deliver a great user experience. Design Centric can take you on the journey from first principles to intranet launch, and further still with long-term support and future business solutions as requirements dictate.